Upcoming Social Events

11th April 2015 - Pig Cutting Ceremony

The Section will  organize a “Pig Cutting Ceremony” on 11/4/15. Kindly make yourself available for this special day.

Please see explanation below;

  • 1.30 p.m. -- Ceremony to be held
  • 2.30 p.m. – Games to be started (indoor & outdoor). If the weather permits then the outdoor green will be open. Food will be served as well.

For those who want to play the social game, but do not want to eat, are also welcome to join the fun & games. Please indicate on the column below if you are not EATING but PLAYING.

Notice will be taken out on Sunday 5/4/15. You may also email to Frankie  or Anne Gately to put your name on the notice board for you.

Thank you and hoping to see you all there!! 

Social Secretary

4th April 2015 - Easter Fun Game
The Easter Fun Game  will be held on Sunday 4th April 2015, details are provided in the registration form now posted at the indoor green. Interested members please sign up on the form. 


Past Events

28th March 2015 - Friendly Game with KCC

This year’s first leg of Friendly game with KCC  will take place at the HKFC Indoor Green on Saturday, 28th March. The Section requires six teams of mixed fours to represent the Club. Interested members please sign up in the Section notice board before the deadline on 2pm, Tuesday  24th March . The Committee will determine the line-up after close of entries. Priority to play will be given to members who are currently registered to play for the Club in the Premier League.


Friendly Games played on 28 Mar.  Photos here.

21st February 2015 - Rooster Fat Choy Cup

As tradition, our Section bowlers would gather together to have a fun game on the Third Day of the Chinese Lunar Year.Forty- five bowlers joined this event. Our bowlers were divided into two big groups: the Blue and the Red.Within these groups, bowlers were drawn into teams before the game.Each team played two rounds of 10 ends each.Before the second round, the Section had arranged a rather rich bowling tea, including Apple Crumble to energise our bowlers.The indoor green was full of laughter, and ‘cheers’ and ‘touchers’ were called out here and there.Before prize presentation, Johnny and Frankie arranged a Fun Game for each group: the first three bowlers who drew their wood nearest to the ditch would win a red packet.

The whole activity came to an end after four hours of exciting and cheerful games. The Blue team had an overall win, including the Best Rink which was skipped by Jesse Bradford ably assisted by Carson Chow, Felix Siu and Grace Chu.All participants received a laisee packet, and the Best Rink winners received an extra laisee packet.In addition, six bowlers won the ‘Fun Game’, and five bowlers received an additional laisee packet for winning the ‘Most Number of Touchers’ (please refer to the photos).

All the participants thoroughly enjoyed this friendly and social bowling event, and special thanks to Frankie Siu and Johnny Tsang for organising everything to make it such a successful occasion.

Bernard Young, Chairman

Rooster Fat Choy Cup played on 21Feb.  Photos at Photo Album.




The annual Rooster Fat Choy Cup will be held as usual  on the third day of the Lunar New Year,  Saturday 21st February 2015.

Registration form will be posted at the indoor green.  Please sign up on the form before the deadline 12th February. 


6th December 2014 - Boxing Day Social Game (26Dec)
Date  :   Friday, 26th December, 2014
TIme  :  Arrive before 2:15pm; game from 2:30pm to 6:30pm
Venue :  HKFC Indoor Green
Max no :  48, section league players will have priority
Fee       :  Free for Members, Sharing of bowling tea cost for guests (on host member's account)
Drinks   :  First drink will be on the section.
Sign up at the indoor Green on/before Friday 19th December 2014.
16th August 2014 - Friendly Neighbourhood with CCC

Friendly Neighborhood game between HKFC and CCC

This year the game was held on 16th August and our neighbor, CCC, was the host. On that day, the weather was extremely fine and sunny.  A good time to play bowls, especially it was the first time of the opening of the outdoor green of CCC. 

The green was not as fast as that during the competition season. There were 24 bowlers from each club and they were arranged in six mixed teams.  This exciting and enjoyable friendly game lasted for about three hours. Though two of our teams skipped by Derek and Kenny had big wins, yet we still lost in the other four rinks and the final score was 4 : 8.  The home team had a very outstanding performance.  They indeed deserved to win this game.  The trophy returned to CCC.  Many congratulations to CCC players.

 Our bowlers enjoyed a lot that day and thanked for the hospitality and excellent refreshments from our neighbor, CCC.  In addition, special thanks to Mike Worth for taking photos of this friendly game.

We are looking forward to the next neighborhood game in 2015.  We will be the host by then and let’s bring the trophy home!


Bernard Young, Chairman

22 Aug 2014

1st July 2014 - Bowlsability Fun Day

On 1 July the Lawn Bowls Section hosted a highly enjoyable afternoon of bowls for the special needs children from the Youth Empowerment Service (YES).  Also in attendance were children from The Rock and the Nisbitt Centre.  The afternoon began with coaching by C S Suen followed by fun games assisted by section members.   Twelve children and their parents participated, and co-organiser Penny Mountain said the children had a great time and are looking forward to similar events in the future.  The fun day concluded with afternoon tea and prizes.   A special thanks to Bernard, C S Suen, Yvonne, Irene and Shirley for their assistance, and also those who turned up on the day to meet the children.  


19th July 2014 - Eve Duncan Apple Trophy against HKCC

Thank you all for your support. 38 entries were received. 32 names are drawn to play with 6 names in the reserve list, thanks to CK Wong for his assistance in the draw. Please notify Walter for withdrawals.

We will gather at the Club on the day to travel together up to HKCC. More details nearer the time.
10th and 17th July 2014 - Intra-club Bowling Challenges
The month of July will feature a pair of Intra-Club Bowling Challenges with "Friendly" matches set on the Thursday nights of 10 and 17 July.

The Bowling Interest Group balls will be first up with a 10-pin friendly match on 10 July as we will get a chance to strike and spare, and mingle and learn with our Club counterparts. All ladies bowlers will be awarded a 10-pin handicap in the friendly competition. Bowlers will have a brief practice beginning at 7 pm and the Friendly will officially commence at 7:30 pm. It will be a fun night to get the two groups of Club bowlers together on back-to-back Thursdays in July to learn more about the intricacies of the game.

We will play host on 17 July in the second of the "Friendly" matches and the Club's 10-pin team will have a chance to learn much more about lawn bowls. The competition will begin promptly at 7 pm.
Interested members please sign up at the indoor green notice board before 1pm Friday 4th July.


Walter Kwok, Competitions Secretary

29th May 2014 - HKLBA Annual Presentation Dinner

The HKLBA annual presentation dinner will be held at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 29 May 2014 at the Choi Fook Royal Banquet彩福皇宴 (Windsor House, Causeway Bay /銅鑼灣皇室堡).  


26th April 2014 - Pig Cutting Ceremony for Season Opening
We are organising a “Pig Cutting Ceremony” on 26/4/14. Kindly make yourself available for this special day.

Please see explanation below:
1.30 p.m. -- Ceremony to be held
2.30 p.m. – Games to be started (indoor & outdoor). If the weather permits then the outdoor green will be open. Food will be served as well. 
For those who want to play the social game, but do not want to eat, are also welcome to join the fun & games. Please indicate on the column below if you are not EATING but PLAYING.
Form is already placed at the club indoor notice board. Notice/Form will be taken out on Friday 20/4/13. You may also email Vivek or Anne Gately to put your name on the notice board for you. Kindly find attached the form. 
Thank you and hoping to see you all there!!
18th April 2014 - Club Game on Good Friday

The Good Friday Changing Partners Challenge

photo_2_icon.jpg --  Photos of the Events are in the Gallery here.

Gfridaypdf_icon.jpg--  Details of the Event GoodFridayChallenge.pdf


A paragraph from Mark Mahoney

Many Years ago, at the place I worked, they organized a “Progressive Supper”. On the evening of the event we were telephoned and given an address to find. Three couples arrived at the address and the host or hostess presented us with our first course of the evening. At the end of this each couple was given the next address, where we met up with three other couples and sat down for our main course. We were then given an address for our dessert where we met three other couples. A final address was then provided where everyone met up and spent the remaining part of the evening partying away. It was an interesting concept but could only survive as long as Hong Kong had no drink/driving laws. 
It was rumored a computer program was used to work out the logistics of this event.

Not to be out done, our Competitions Secretary, Walter  used his immeasurable logistic skills to devise “The Changing Partners Challenge” which, in my mind, rivaled the Progressive Supper in its complexity and design.

The tournament was designed in such a way that during the afternoon each bowler had four games of eight ends and had the opportunity to bowl with different team mates in different positions on different rinks.

Thirty bowlers took part. They were randomly drawn into ten triples teams. The draw decided who you played with, which position you took and which rink you played on.
At the end of the first game each winner received a prize of twenty dollars. There was then a draw for the second round which ensured winners from round one were mixed with non-winners in new teams and positions and new rinks.

The afternoon continued in this way for the four games with each individual bowler recording their points and shots difference.

The tournament provided a welcome afternoon tea which  disappeared  rapidly, causing a temporary lull in the delivery of bowls.

After the final game everyone gathered together to see if anyone had been lucky enough to have been in the winning team in all four games and indeed there was one such charmed person. Cheng Koon Wing had amassed eight points and made him the overall winner, with Warren Cheung coming in second on seven points and Hannah Ha in third on six points and 18 net shots.   In addition, Rupert was awarded the most colorful outfit player and would receive his prize on Pig Cutting Day. 

It was a great afternoon’s bowling with everyone enjoying the event. Koon kindly spent all of his winnings and more on providing everyone with a drink.

Sincere thanks to Walter on organizing this and may there be many more like it.

~ Mark Mahoney 

12th April 2014 - League Practice


The Section will organise a practice session for all members who will be playing in the forthcoming Premier League.  This will give the new team captains the chance to trial new player and team formations.

In order to bring a competitive side to the game we will try and match ladies’ teams against men’s teams.

Light tea and coffee will be provided.  Drinks will be on members’ own account.

Please register your name on the entry form which is now posted at the Indoor Green.  Deadline is 9 pm on Thursday 10th April



5th April 2014 - Friendly with HKCC / Melbourne Cricket Club

Social with HK and Melbourne Cricket Clubs 

HKFC lent a helping hand to HKCC to host their lawn bowls guests from Melbourne Cricket Club today as their bowling green was "temporarily" enlisted as a cricket ground on the public holiday Saturday afternoon. 

Our dozen bowlers - Daisy, Dorothy, Hannah, Harold, Leo, Louis, Matthew, Philip, Roger, Shirley, Walter and Wanis were mixed with the 20 visitors to form 8 multiple club rinks to play 3 rounds of short games. Good idea of Howard and Glyn to make sure every club particularly HKCC has a winner. 

While on that subject if it matters the rinks of Daisy, Harold, Luby of HKCC and Norm from MCC and Shirley, Matthew, and Lynda and Henri of HKCC came out as the top teams. They received a well-earned round of applause as the prize.

At the end of the day, it's about having a good time which we all had. Thanks once again to Glyn for the bottle of red and Norm for their crystal glasses, which Bernard has decided to put them in good use at the next Section function.

Walter Kwok,  Competitions Secretary


Photos in the Photo Gallery

2nd February 2014 - Rooster Fat Choy Cup

The annual Rooster Fat Choy Cup will be held in the usual format on the third day of the Lunar New Year, namely Sunday 2nd February. Details are provided in the registration form now posted at the indoor green. Interested members please sign up on the form. 


26th December 2013 - Boxing Day Social Game

The indoor green was filled with joy and fun on Boxing Day when 36 members came in to join one of the most colourful roll-ups of all year. Bernard was kind enough to organize the proceedings of the day with all bowlers drawn into 2 groups to play two sets of 8-end triples.

Daisy started the bowls rolling with a brief opening remark. Before long, the Blue team captained by Thomas won 5 rinks in the first set where the Red team could only manage a tie in one rink by its captain Warren to prevent a total loss. 

Both teams put aside their bowls, good or bad, after the set for a tea break while Daisy helped picked the luckier ones from a pile of names to receive the Christmas gifts prepared by Bernard. After the lucky draw, the Blue continued to dominate in the second set with again only one Red rink able to score.

At the end of the day, Blue was the overall winners and the team happily received the well-deserved prize which was a big box of chocolates from Johnny. Wai Ming achieved the most number of touchers in his games was given a half bottle of wine. Stanley led Anne and Shirley to produce the best rink performance of the day and was named the best rink.


23rd August 2013 - Rollup with Visitors from Bangkok

Friday 23rd August saw the section host the Royal Bangkok Sports Club's lawn bowlers to a friendly warm up game in preparation for their triangular tournament with KCC and KBGC. Despite the heavy rains the excellent drainage of our new lawn enabled us to play three rinks and once our visitors had gone the hang of our green we ended up having a very close game. The visiting captain Ken Ho exchanged mementos with our Chairman Roger who confirmed that we were looking forward to a formal Interport fixture in Bangkok this coming December.

Thanks to Johnny for all his liaison and coordination work that enabled this event to take place.


Photos are in our Gallery in this website.  

5th December - 8/10 December 2013 Bowling Trip to Bangkok

The Section is organising a bowling trip to Bangkok for the inaugural Interport Match with Royal Bangkok Sports Club. Interested Members.

Please sign up in the Form at the Indoor Green.


17th August 2013 - Annual Friendly Match with CCC
Saturday 17th August saw us host CCC for the Friendly Neighbourhood Trophy which was in the hands of our guests.
Six mixed rinks had been organized by Bernard and in proper friendly atmosphere we were able to recapture the Cup by winning 4 rinks to 2 with Wanis, Derek, Terry and James leading their respective rinks to victory. Undoubtedly the advantage of playing on our indoor green proved the crucial point as it was noted that in the 5 times we have played for this cup the home team has been the victor.So the challenge for us next year is to see if we can retain the cup playing away to CCC. 
My thanks also to Walter for all the pre match organization.


Photos are in our Gallery in this website.  Thanks to Walter, Bernand and CCC for the photos.

31st May 2013 - HKLBA Annual Presentation Dinner

Date: 31 May 2013
Venue: Choi Fook Royal Banquet
Address: L8, Fortune Metropolis, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Time: 7:30 pm
Charge: HKD320 / person

The Association encourages all prize winners to attend. The sign up sheet has been made available on the notice board and will be taken down by 20 April 2013. If you cannot sign up in person at the Club, please email the Men's Captain ( or the Ladies' Captain ( to sign up on your behalf. Please note that places will be offered on a FIRST COME FIRST  SERVED basis.

3rd August 2013 - HKCC Friendly Game
In spite of the very unsettled weather caused by Tropical Storm Jebi the rain abated in time for the HKCC lawn to quickly drain and dry and we were able to play our Social Game on schedule on 2nd August. They had invited us to send seven mixed rinks to play them and there were some excellent performances on both sides. HKCC won four of the rinks but we were able to clinch the aggregate thanks to Hannah, Connie and Neil's rinks winning handsomely so honours were even.
The hospitality we received was first class and a splendid time was had by all who participated which we will be keen to reciprocate.
Apparently there is an old trophy 'The Apple' that previously existed between our two clubs so we will see if we can find it, or if necessary,replace it in time for the return fixture which should take place later this year after the completion of the Premier League and before the start of the Winter League.
My thanks to Walter for his organization and coordination work that ensured everything ran smoothly from our end and of course my thanks to HKCC's Glyn Davies and Howard...... for all their hard work preparing for and receiving us so warmly,
Photos are in our Gallery in this website.  Thanks to Walter, Mike and Donald for the photos.
20th April 2013 - Pig Cutting Ceremony and Social Game

A pig cutting ceremony was held on 20 April to commemorate the start of the new 2013 Premier League and to wish all our teams good luck with Bernard the Men’s Captain and Daisy the Ladies Captain officiating.  The ceremony was followed by a social games in both indoor and outdoor greens.


26th December 2012 - Social Games on Boxing Day

40 bowlers participated in the social game on Boxing Day 2012, and they were divided into 2 groups : the Blues and the Reds.  The whole event lasted about four hours, and finally the Blues came out as winners and enjoyed some free drinks.