Dear All Members

Re-open of the Indoor Green

Due to a few days delay in doing the final sanding to the new screed laid on the indoor green, the carpet relaying operation has been postponed to commence on Tuesday 7th August 2018.   The Indoor Green will not be opened as scheduled on 8th August 2018 and it is expected to be opened for practice on or before Saturday 11th August 2018.


Section Members are advised to adhere to the following guidelines in using the Indoor Green.

  1. Section member is required to book the Indoor Green with the duty sport staff at the 1st Floor.
  2. Remember to wear proper lawn bowls shoes.
  3. Don’t use Wax or Grippo to polish your bowls when playing at the Indoor Green.The wax’s waste may dirt the carpet as it is particularly noticeable on the blue colour.
  4. To place back the Jack and the mats to the original position after use.
  5. Tell the duty sport desk staff to turn off the light when the rink is not in use.
  6. Inform the duty sport desk staff any improper use of the Green.


Allocation of Lockers

After the return of lockers from the in-active Section members and those Section members playing for other clubs, lockers spaces will be available for those Section members currently playing leagues game for the Club but have not assigned with an Indoor Locker.

Current Premier League game members do not provide with an indoor locker please give your name to our Membership Secretary, Kenneth Pang for allocation.  Indoor lockers will be allocated to those Section members in early September 2018.

Due to the shortage of Indoor lockers, newly joined Section members have been issued with an Outdoor locker.   After they have been assigned with an Indoor locker they still kept the Outdoor locker.  The Outdoor lockers are assigned to those Section members who are really in need of them.  May I request those Section members who have occupied one Indoor and one Outdoor locker to return the Outdoor Locker to the Section after they have assigned with an Indoor locker or they are not really required to keep the Outdoor locker!



Johnny TSANG

Chairman, Lawn Bowls Section

6th August, 2018