Dear All Section Members

Message from the Chairman

  1. Hong Kong Football Club Classic Mixed Fours 2018

Our Section is organizing a Mixed Fours tournament taking place on 7th and 8th November 2018, the two days immediately preceding the Hong Kong International Bowls Classic 2018.  All the oversea players playing in the Classic 2018 together with China and Hong Kong Teams players have been invited to participate in this tournament.  The response was encouraging and most of them have accepted our invitation to participate in the tournament.

The objective of the event is to provide an opportunity for our Section members to learn from and to get acquaintance with the elite oversea and local players by playing alongside them.  Teams will be formed with our Section members mixing with those classic players. Players are expected to play on both indoor and outdoor green.  Details conditions of play will be provided in due course.

The tournament is sponsored and no entry fee is required.  Prize money is expected for the winners.  Free lunches during the tournament and presentation dinner on 11th November 2018 are added to the privilege of participating in this tournament.

Interested Section members please enroll before the deadline on Friday 15th September 2018.  Selection will be done by the organizing committee subsequently.  Selected Section members will be expected to complete the two days tournament, and attending the presentation dinner.  Non-compliances by withdrawal after the start of the tournament or absent from the presentation dinner without reason accepted by the committee will have to bear the cost of the lunch and /or dinner waste.

  1.   Re-claim of Lockers from In-active Section members and Section members not playing for the Club

In late July the Section has issued letters to the above-mentioned Section members concerning the details of the re-claim of their occupied lockers through the Club Management.  They are required to clear their assigned locker/lockers on or before Sunday 26th August 2018.  We are pleased to observe that many of them have cleared their lockers and gave back the locker keys to the Committee.


For those Section members who have not yet cleared their lockers please be reminded that we will clear your lockers under the witnesses of the Club management on Friday evening, 31.8.2018.  Items found will be recorded and kept by the Section for a period of 6 months after which they will then be deposed to a charity or similar non-profit organization.

  1. Allocation of Indoor Lockers

After the re-claim lockers exercise, we can have lockers space assigned to those current league game players who have not occupied any indoor lockers.  Indoor lockers will be allocated to those Section members who have registered to our Membership Secretary Kenneth Pang or his assistance Christina Yeung.  Please come to collect your locker key from 12:00 to 2:00pm at the Indoor Green on Saturday, 1st September 2018 if you have made your application to us.

May I have the request to those Section members who are not really in need of an outdoor locker after they have been assigned with an indoor locker to return the outdoor locker to the Section?  We will have the allocation of outdoor lockers to those Section members in need of an outdoor locker.  The allocation of outdoor lockers to Section members will be done at a later stage.

  1. Renovation of Indoor Green

The renovation works have been completed and the Indoor green was opened for games and practice on 10th August 2018.  We must thank Mike to have close supervision on the renovation works done by the contractor throughout the whole period.

After the renovation improvement on the surfaces were noted but there still remain some tracks and ridges in some of the rinks.

  1. New Bowls Shirts and White Track Pant

The new bowls shirts have been issued to the Section bowlers before the start of the 2nd half of the Premier Leagues. We are required to wear the new bowls shirt in the Premier League game and National games with immediately effect.  For some Section members who have found the bowls shirt being too fit for them, please approach Frankie for a larger size.  We have placed extra orders and the stock will send to us in a month’s time.  The addition long pant will be ordered and the expected delivery will be around October 2018.

  1.   2019-2020 Hong Kong Squad &U25 Squad Application

A modified selection process for the Hong Kong Squad was approved by the Council of Management.  For those Section members who are interest to join the Hong Kong Squad please refer to the message from the Section regarding the said issue.  The deadline of application will be on 14th September 2018.

Johnny TSANG

Chairman, Lawn Bowls Section

29th August 2018