Dear All Section Members

  1. Renovation of Indoor Green

Funding for remove of the carpets and the costs of an additional resin topping screed was approved by GC.  To ensure smoothness checking can be carried out at various stages during the rectification works and extra works, the period that the green will be closed has been extended.

Progammes have now been agreed with the contractors which mean the green will be closed on Monday 9th July Monday and to be opened again for practice on Wednesday 7th August 2018.  There may be some inconvenience to bowlers wanting to access to their lockers as the carpet and bowls furniture will be temporarily stored in the area near to the lockers.

Section members may be required to hire public indoor green as their home green for National Indoor Pairs during the close of the Indoor Green.  They can claim back the hiring fees from the Section’s Treasurer but they have to present the relevant receipts.

The Outdoor Green will be closed for maintainance from 3.7.2018 to 23.7.2018 both dates inclusive.

  1. Training Courses Organized by Section coach Tony Cheung

Improvement Clinic:

This course is target for current league players who wish to improve their bowling skills.  The course consists of 4 sessions which will be conducted on Friday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  The Enrollment fee is HK$50 per person.

1st Session: 27.7.2018 (Outdoor)

2nd Session: 3.8.2018 (Outdoor)

3rd Session: 10.8.2018 (Indoor)

4th Session: 17.8.2018 (Indoor)

Beginners’ Course

This course is target for the Club members who show interest in lawn bowling.  The course consists of 6 sessions which will be conducted on Friday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  The enrollment fee is HK$100 per person.

1st Session: 24.8.2018 (Indoor)

2nd Session: 31.8.2018 (Indoor)

3rd Session: 7.9.2018 (Indoor)

4th Session: 14.9.2018 (Outdoor)

5th Session: 21.9.2018 (Indoor)

6th Session: 28.9.2018 (Indoor)

Please refer to the Notice on the Section Web-site or the Indoor Notice Board for enrolment.

  1. Re-claim of Lockers from In-active Section members and Section members not playing for the Club

We have previously collected those lockers occupied by the Absence members and allocated to the currently leagues players.  For the Second stage of the re-claim exercise we will collect lockers from those Section members who have not actively play for the Club in both Premier and Triple Leagues for over 5 years and those Section members who are playing for other clubs but occupying the Section’s lockers.

In early July 2018 the Section will issue letters to the above-mentioned Section members concerning the details of the re-claim of their occupied lockers through the Club Management.

  1. Confirmation of Assigned Lockers

In early July 2018 Section Members who are currently occupied locker/lockers are required to complete a “Confirmation of Assigned Lockers Form”.  The Teams and Conditions of lockers Allocation and its’ Subsequent Controls have been clearly stated in the form.  Section members are required to fill in the location of their lockers.  In addition, we will also collect Section members’ contact details so as to up-date our contact list.  Our sides Captains will assist in the distribution and collection of the Forms.

Johnny TSANG

Chairman, Lawn Bowls Section

16 June 2018