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Do you want to try Java programs or games for your phone without installing them? Well, now you can emulate KEmulator for Windows, which emulates the cellular operating system.

The choice of Java (function () ({review-app-page-desktop ‘};}); KEmulator removes JAR files and supports the API for almost all types of J2ME applications.
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You can even choose the phone model that you will follow. After downloading, it will open in the application window and you can control it with your own keyboard withscreen on the screen.

Supports for multiple graphics engines High compatibility Compliance also includes support for multiple 2D and 3D graphics engines, allowing you to run into the most demanding games. If you enable pixel interpolation, you can see graphs that are adjusted for any size.

Ideal for Java programmers, but last but not least, KEmulator also has video capture options, so you can save the order of these programs in a formatAVI. EmulatorFolder is ideal if you use a program or use a mobile application.

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