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A security expert had to penetrate a skyscraper that burned 225 floors above the ground when his family fell into a criminal trap. The Package 2018
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Author of Rawson Marshall Thurber:

Rawson Marshall Thurber Stars:

Duane Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han Chief of the FBI Danger Rescue Team and Veterans of War Will Sawyer now check the security of skyscrapers. During a mission in Hong Kong, he discovered that the tallest and safest building in the world suddenly flared up and was createdfor him. A man who is dismantled on the run must find Will responsible, clear his name, and save his family trapped inside the building – above the line of fire.

Dwayne Johnson’s global icon is headed by legendary player SKYSCRAPER No. 39 as a former leader of the FBI hostage rescue team and war veteran Will Ford, who now assesses the security of skyscrapers. In a mission in China, he discovered that the highest building and the world were suddenlyflared up and he was framed for him. If the person wants to escape, Will must find the person in charge, clear his name and somehow save his family, who is trapped in the firing line.


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